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Tree Removals

The decision to remove a tree can be overwhelming to make on your own.  Let our ISA certified arborists evaluate your tree, and provide you with a realistic assesment of the health of your tree, and any risks or challenges that the tree poses.  If you decide to move forward with removing your tree, we can help you navigate the different municipal regulations and permitting requirements that might be required.


Have peace of mind knowing that our certified and competant tree experts can remove any tree safely and acurately, without risking damage to your home or property.

We offer the following services for tree removals - 

Tree removals
Municipal permit application
Dangerous tree removals
Machine assisted removals
Broken/hung up limbs
Emergency and storm services
Chipping and debris removal
Electric "quiet" chainsaws

Not sure what to do with your tree debris?  We are able to take and leave exactly what you want us to. 


We can remove all debris offsite.  We can just chip the branches and leaves and leave the wood for you.  We can cut the wood into rounds, and leave it in a designated area.  We can pile the branches onsite for you to burn.

How do I know my tree needs to go?

A lot can happen to the trees throughout their lifetime. Some things that can indicate removal might be the best option are:

  • Signs of interior decay or rot (mushrooms, fungi, sloughing bark)

  • Stem wounds, damaged bark or cracks in the trunk

  • Insect infestations (look for excessive sap and woodpeckers)

  • Shedding of branches and leaves (out of season/more than usual)

  • Has become sickly looking (thinning canopy, discoloured leaves)

  • Recent storm damage or lightening strike

  • Leaning too far in a direction, more/bigger branches on one side 

  • Tree has become too big or too crowded with other trees

  • Tree is at risk of falling onto buildings, roadways or common areas

  • Tree is creating too much shade or blocking views

  • The tree has died

  • Similar trees nearby have recently died

 Tree Doctors

Call the ISA certified tree doctors, for pruning, trimming and other tree health and maintenance services for your woodlot.

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