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When was the last time your trees had a check-up?

Regular tree care and routine maintenance helps keep your trees and hedges an appropriate size and shape for the space they grow in.  Examination by an ISA certified arborist can also help identify health issues or insect infestations early on when they can still be treated.


Please read below for an overview of some of the the tree and hedge health services we offer. 

Health Inspections

Routine health inspections can help to identify any damage, decay, health or infestation issues with a tree before they cause dangerous conditions or death.  Early intervention can help prevent the need for a removal in many cases.

Tree Pruning

Improper or incomplete pruning can end up causing more problems than it solves.  Call us, and our trained ISA arborists will ensure the tree is left in good health, good stability and aesthetically pleasing. Some examples of how pruning can be a helpful tool are:

  • Removing lower branches to prevent fire and improve access

  • Thinning branches to improve light and increase air circulation

  • Spring pruning to increase growth and improve shape

  • End weight reduction to shorten heavy branches so they sit higher

  • Removing diseased, dead, damaged and dying material

  • Evening out branch distribution to prevent leaning or trunk splitting

  • Preventing trees from outgrowing their space (keeping them small)


Some trees just grow into unique shapes which require unique solutions.  Discrete cables can be installed to give large or poorly placed branches some extra support and to prevent them from breaking off under their own weight.  Braces can be installed to help prevent leaning trees from tipping over in strong winds or under the weight of snow.


These options are very useful when trying to avoid removing trees with unique architectural structure and imeasurable heritage value.  When done properly the inconspicuous cables blend in nicely and the tree can continue to bring enjoyment for years to come.

Hedge Pruning

Well maintained hedges look great, can provide much needed privacy to your yard, and can even increase the resale value of your house. Poorly kept hedges can do the exact opposite.  If you've let your hedge get a bit out of hand, or dead spots have formed, let us help you fix it.


A few  benefits of regular hedge pruning by an ISA trained professional are:

  • keeping the entire hedge green without creating dead patches

  • maintaing existing shapes and lines

  • knowing the right time of year to prune different species 

  • preventing the hedge from getting too wide or tall

  • keeping the foliage thick and vigourous to ensure privacy is maintained

  • pruning to encourage growth in thin areas, and where damage has occured 

Branch End-Weight Reduction

This is a technique that involves shortening the length of healthy branches back to a healthy leaf set, to reduce the amount of green foliage weight pulling it down.  When done properly, its hard to tell that branches were pruned at all.


Benefits of proper end weight reduction are:

  • Increased light and airflow

  • Decreased risk of storm damage and branch drop

  • Getting branches to sit higher without removing them completely

  • Sturdy growth habit without long spindly branches forming

  • Keeping branches away from powerlines without lop-siding the tree

Fruit Production

Lots of people don't realize how important annual pruning is for the health of their prized fruit trees.  Many types of fruit trees will have lower yields, or even become bi-annual fruit trees only setting a crop every 2 years if left to grow unpruned.  Some of the things our skilled fruit tree pruning achieves is:

  • Keeping branches strong, to support heavy fruit loads in late summer

  • Training trees into shapes that minimize fruit drop and loss

  • Removing unproductive water shoots and suckers that shade the maturing fruit

  • Preventing diseased branches and foliage from spreading 

  • Increasing overall fruit quality and production, and tree vigour

  • Preventing branch grafts from failing

Not sure how much it will cost?

We want to build relationships with our customers for years to come.  That's why we don't charge for assessments or quotes.  Let us come and evaluate the health of your trees, and let you know what we think.  You can give us a call if and when you decide to use any of our recommendations, with no pressure or hassle.

Remember that although some problems are obvious, others can only be identified by an ISA Certified Arborist. Please don't hesitate to give us a call if you want the facts about the trees in your yard.

More Tree Services

Assess your tree health and get routine maintenance for longer life from our certified arborists!

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