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Skilled Tree Specialists in Victoria

Apart from tree removal and health & maintenance, Osprey Tree Service offers other types of tree service as well. We are affiliated with FireSmart for both residential and commercial purposes, and we are qualified to provide you with advice for avoiding wildfires, especially for those located near forested areas. We have also completed several FireSmart Forest Fuel Removal Projects across Alberta and British Columbia. Hence, we have a team of experienced tree specialists in Victoria to assess and reduce wildfire threats to your home and property.

Land clearing
BC Certified tree falling
Drone recovery
Cat rescue
Wood chip delivery
Skid steer and backhoe services
Certified danger tree assessments (municipal and silviculture)
Wildfire Risk Reduction (FireSmart)

Better Tree Services

We at Osprey Tree Service know trees by heart and value our customers deeply. We are always ready to go the extra mile to provide better services for all types of tree maintenance issues. You can call us anytime to get your tree assessed, pruned, trimmed, cut, and more. Some of our other services include -

Affordable Tree Service

All types of tree services provided by us at Osprey Tree Service at affordable rates.

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