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About Osprey Tree Service

 Osprey Tree Service is a full-service, ISA certified arborist and forestry company based in Metchosin, British Columbia. We offer a wide range of safe and effective tree and forestry services to clients on Southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. 


We use electric chainsaws whenever possible, for a much quieter and environmentally friendly tree work experience.  All of our workers are experienced Wildland Firefighters and Forestry Professionals, so we can offer expert advice and support for a wide range of tree, hedge, land and forestry projects.


Our Mission

We aim to teach people about our working procedures as arborists and providing guidance in assessing a tree’s health and its maintenance. The hardworking team of Osprey’s firefighters offers same-day tree clearing assistance, and use the FireSmart Principles to reduce the risk of a wildfire starting or spreading to your house or property. Occasionally, we love to give back to the community by working with local charities to support causes that matter. 

Leaf the Emergency Work to Us 

Available all 7 days of the week, we offer emergency tree services as well. You can count on us at any time of the day to adhere to your needs. Our hardworking wildland firefighters use the latest electrical chainsaws to make the service as quiet as possible. Get in touch with us for a free quote today!

We Are Just a Call Away

We follow all the latest guidelines to provide round-the-clock, hassle-free tree services in Victoria.

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