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Getting to the Root of the Problem

Professional Tree Maintenance

Speak to the experts for a thorough assessment of your trees and get the job done right the first time!

Professional Tree Services in Victoria

Osprey Tree Service is a team of qualified arborists and forestry professionals who have been working in British Columbia forests for over 35 years. Our collective knowledge and extensive resources mean that there is no job too big or too challenging for us to take on! 

Our range of professional tree services in Victoria is focused on:

Our experts are all experienced wildland firefighters, and we are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture

Feel free to call us for emergency services or to get a free quote right away!

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Emergency Tree Services

Get in touch at any time of the day to seek emergency or after/hours tree services.

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Get a Free Quote

Call us or send us a picture of your tree’s current state to get a free quote today!

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Health & Maintenance

With regular upkeep, we can ensure your trees remain healthy and well-maintained all-year-round!

Residential and Commercial Tree Services

For residential properties, one of our main goals is to provide assessments to clients living around parks and wildlife areas, to protect their homes in the event of a wildfire or other emergencies. 

We ensure that the trees in your backyard or near your homes are not causing you trouble in any way.

For commercial properties, Osprey Tree Service can also provide services on a bigger scale, for clearing or removing multiple trees across a large area. Here are some of the services provided by us -

Tree cutting
Tree trimming
Tree removal
Tree inspection
Clearing trees in a large area

Why Choose Our Services?

Despite being a small company, we follow all the latest safety protocols for providing tree services in Victoria. We take the utmost pride in our expertise as our team members have the necessary background and experience as arborists. Hence, you can enjoy the following benefits -

35 years of service
ISA Certified
Emergency/after-hours services
Broad knowledge base thanks to the diverse background of our team members
Advice regarding FireSmart program (forest fuel reduction and more)
Our approach is safety first

Professional Affiliations

ISA certified arborist
Western Contractors Forestry Association (WFCA)
SAMS project for water in Africa
CANWES school in Nepal
BC forest safety council
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